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Since I've stopped doing conventions, I have a lot of things left over I used to sell. Not to mention, I've been making a lot of other things.

Anyway, to help distribute this stuff out into the world (and let people who couldn't see me at conventions get it), I've opened up at Etsy Store. Strawberry Fields of Fandom has lots of stuff I've created: Buttons, my chibi figurines and lots of other geeky things. Go ahead and check it out.

Also: Ensign Two continues to be posted by kevinbolk. It will continue being posted until August. But-- if you want to find out what happens before it's done posting, you can buy it! I should be receiving my copies shortly. If you're in Canada, you can order it from me here at my comic store. But if you're in the United States, you can order from Kevin. If you're overseas... Well, take your pick.

PS Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes!
There are some family issues that have come up. It's making it very difficult to work. I'm on hiatus for the moment. I don't know how long it'll last.

I really wish I had come to this decision before I started posting Issue 6. However, it's something I've been struggling with for a very long time.

I have decided for the time being to officially discontinue doing "The Otherkind". It is my first comic series and is what sparked me to explore doing Indie Comics in the first place. However, I've been feeling very burnt out on it. Creatively, I'm really have trouble conveying what I want to with the story.

That is not to say I'm abandoning it entirely. I adore the story. I just don't feel it's working as a comic for me. I don't feel my skills as an artist are quite where I want them to be for the story to really work. It's extremely frustrating to me and it's a frustration I really can't deal with.

I am focusing now on honing my craft as an artist and I am working on turning the story into a novel. I am feeling a greater passion for my prose work at the moment.

The Otherkind, in its comic form, may well continue, but for now, it's being put to rest.

Both "No Special Snowflake" and "Creator Confidential" will continue.

I've finally got my broken website into a more suitable state. It was functional, but now it is MUCH better.

First of all, most importantly, I have a new section of the website.  It is called COMIC PARADE. Here you can find all of those comic mini-series I've done, such as Bishounen Boys Who Sing (and the Women Who Love Them), Ensign Sue Must Die! and Who-Tenanny. Ironically enough, I hate parades... But it seemed like a fitting title, since I will feature one comic series for a period of time before moving onto the next one. Like a parade. Oh whatev. I needed a name.

I have also fixed the gallery so there is actually more than one picture in it. It now contains... Well, pictures that I have on Deviant Art. But it's under my banner, so that's always good. If you want to check it out, it's HERE

Working on a new Who-Tenanny. Hope to have it up soon.
I'm heading off this weekend to attend the Gallifrey One Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles (which if you are in the area, you should check out. It's AWESOME).

Unfortunately, since I am laptopless at the moment and you can't update Deviant Art on an iPad, I will be unable to put up the new Otherkind on Friday. I will post it on Monday when I get home, along with the new No Special Snowflake.

If you're DYING to read what happens in OK a few days earlier, the website will update on Friday as usual.
Okay, so I'm officially back now. It's been a long time coming, but I think I've finally sorted myself out. I really stressed myself out at the end of last year and I needed to sort myself back out. But I'm feeling comfortable enough to get back onto a posting schedule.

That being said, I'm changing the posting schedule a little bit. I need to give myself a bit more leeway. Part of the reason I was so stressed out was because I was putting a lot of pressure on myself, especially regarding the Otherkind, which is technically my most demanding comic, but is the one that I posted twice a week.

For the time being, The Otherkind will only be updating once a week-- on Fridays. No Special Snowflake has moved into the Monday slot. The Doctor Who Comics (which are entitled Who-tenanny) will update whenever the heck I have one.

I'm really hoping 2012 will go a lot smoother for me update-wise. 2011 was a really hard slump for me. But I love the work I'm doing and I am not going to be giving it up.

Thanks you all for being patient with me and my buckets of crazy.
So I wanted to offer some explanation for my absence as of late. I know it's been going on for a long time now. At the end of my conventions, I fell into a bit of a depression. There's a lot of different reasons for it. Just utter exhaustion. We've had continuous guests in my house for a month which has thrown me off. I've also had a very bad sinus infection which has been making work not very pleasant. All in all, I just haven't been a very happy bunny right now.

I won't give a date as to when the comics are going to start up again and I'm loathed to make promises I can't keep, but i am trying very hard to kick myself in the ass enough to get things going once again.
Taking off tomorrow with :iconlezleydavidson: to meet up with :iconkevinbolk: and :iconkya-kyabetsu: to attend Small Press Expo. We are at tables B1-B2. Lezley has a nice map up in her dA. Contrary to her fears, we will NOT be in the basement. They just announced that all will be as it has been in previous years, as they were able to sort things out.

The weekend after, for those of you still in the area, I will be at Intervention, the Internet Culture Convention. I will be at table 59 and there is a map up on their website. Please come by and see me (and Interrobang, who are right near me).

However, some bad news: Due to my travel (and still-lack of laptop), comics are postponed for the next week, until September 21st, when we'll be back with a new Creator Confidential. Sorry guys! You are at the whim of my travel schedule (this is the last trip schedule for this year).
I have returned from Fan Expo (which I realized I NEVER mentioned here. I fail pimping... But I was so ridiculously busy getting ready for it, after being waylaid by supreme sickness following WWC).

Things went very well for me over the weekend (of course, it's never good enough for my gaping maw of an ego... I swear, it's like "*sniffle* I don't think anyone LI-IKES me! I completely suck!" like five seconds after someone has said something nice about me. Of course, the inner crazy manages to find a way to deconstruct and turn around every positive thing that's said about me. Being nuts kinda sucks.)

Anyway, this show debuted the VAGINA DENTATA shirt, defictionalized from "No Special Snowflake". It... Well, it got some attention. What can I say? If you write "Vagina" on a shirt, people are going to stop. Once things calm down a bit for me, I will be making those (and the Peach: Damsel Not Distressed shirt) available on my webstore.

Much love to the boys from Comma Error Radio who I got to hang out with a bit and gave me a nice shout out in their latest show. Loved seeing them at Fan Expo and I hope to see them again soon. Everyone should go listen to them, as they are made of awesome (and not just because they gave me a shout out. They would be awesome anyway.).

It was also very nice as always to have the chance to see :iconlezleydavidson:, who I will be seeing again very soon (along with :iconkevinbolk: and :iconkya-kyabetsu:) at Small Press Expo. Yes, we'll be doing the packaged deal thing again where you can see all three of us in a row.

I also met some new completely awesome people, whom you should all check out. :iconkoyamori:, who had some gorgeous prints which you can see her in Dev Art, which you should be checking out right now (go ahead, I'll wait). Alana McCarthy, who did what is now my favourite print in my Wonder Woman collection (Sorry Kevin and Lezley, I know I've got your Wondies in my collection too, but Alana's also involves a cute kitty and the Lasso of Truth, so it wins). Miroki Tong of Jacques of Trades, who did a fantastic print of the Marauders. Crystal Yates of Earthsong and TomGeeks, whom I picked up nice prints of the Tenth Doctor and Amy Pond from. There were some other awesome people I met that I was too brainfried to get the business cards/contact info for and I'm so sorry! Ack, this con was so crazypants. I would've loved to just walk around Artist's Alley and met everyone, but unfortunately, gotta be at the booth and selling things.

Now to get my ass in gear for the doubling up of conventions, with SPX and Intervention in one shot, as well as a week with the folks from Interrobang.

Once this convention crazy is over, I might have some interesting announcements, so keep an eye out.
I have returned from Illinois. Wizard World Chicago went very well. I had a lot of fun hanging out with :iconkevinbolk:, :iconkya-kyabetsu: and :iconlezleydavidson:. Unfortunately, I came back with a bucketload of Con Crud, which means I've been stuffed up and coughing since I arrived home. Makes working on things not all that pleasant. But I need to soldier on. Fan Expo Canada is in a week.
Gah, I am so terribly sorry to do this, just as I got back (I am being SUPREMELY BAD about the schedule slips), but The Otherkind is going to be delayed for the next week. I'm heading off to Chicago tomorrow, to do Wizard World Chicago with :iconkevinbolk:, :iconkya-kyabetsu: and :iconlezleydavidson:. But because my laptop got busticated while I was in England and I haven't gotten to replacing it yet, I will be unable to upload any comics while I am away. I am returning on Tuesday, so I should be able to get the next No Special Snowflake up in a reasonable amount of time (it might be delayed until Wednesday, given when I'm flying back). But I will get right back onto posting comics when I am ready.

BUT... I will be at Wizard World Chicago, for those who are able to come! We are going to be located at tables 3701 & 3703 in Artist's Alley. I will be coming with my whole bag of tricks: comics, prints, buttons and the Princess Peach t-shirt. Please, come by!

I am so so sorry for this, but I don't have a laptop to take with me an all of my thumb drives have disappeared into the wind, so I can't even borrow a computer from someone else to upload things. It's seriously out of my hands.
I'm really sorry about doing this, but I'm putting Creator Confidential on indefinite hiatus once again. I'm just not feeling it right now. I can't really explain it. Maybe I've just gotten tired of writing about myself... Maybe I don't have anything to talk about on that front. I just don't want to half-ass strips on it, just for the sake of having something up.

This DOES NOT in the least affect "The Otherkind" or "No Special Snowflake". Those are most definitely still posting.

I am not giving up Creator Confidential entirely. I just need to wait until I have something important to say.

I am so sorry for just disappearing without explanation! I felt totally awful doing it, but I didn't have a lot of choice in the matter. I was having some difficulties with my website. Something needed to get re-tweaked so I could log into admin. But that's not the real reason I disapparated. I was on a massive trip. First, I went to Polaris, which... Well, was not the best convention for me, to be honest. I suffered from Heat Exhaustion due to my table being set up in front of a South Facing window. I was feeling so sick, I ended up leaving early on Sunday. Oh well. This kinda stuff happens.

Pretty much immediately after that, I was offer to England for an exciting trip with some of my favourite folks in the world, including the lovely :icontwilightsorcery: twilightsorcery. The trip was dripping with awesomesauce, but I had basically NO access to the internet. When I did, it was ridiculously sketchy. So lack of posting. I also ended up cracking the screen on my laptop. *frown* Gonna need to get that fixed so I'll be able to keep posting regularly.

I will be getting back onto the posting schedule. I am so sorry for not being able to do it while I was gone, but I was seriously cut off from EVERYTHING. I'll put up a new Otherkind today and we'll get back into the groove.
Hurrah hurrah, this site is finally up and running again! Thank you so much to Blake Schreurs for doing up this site and putting up with my bullshit. There's still some kinks to work out, but at least the comics are back up. We'll be smoothing out the rest soon. Please check it out at!

But for now, feel free to peruse the archives of Otherkind and Creator Confidential. Also, check out the premiere strip of No Special Snowflake!

A wonderful new feature of this site is you can now comment on all the strips using a variety of different services such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Livejournal, Etc. So please feel free to comment on anything I post! Seriously... I'm a comment junkie and I've been jonesing something fierce during my hiatus.

This weekend, I'll be at Polaris 25, so if you are in the Toronto area, be sure to come check out my table. The second volume of Creator Confidential will be premiering, as well as the Princess Peach: Damsel Not Distressed T-SHIRT!

You can find me at table L4, which is in the Grand Richmond Foyer. Here's a map view:

Thank you all for you patience in me getting my site back up. This does mean I will be resuming my comic schedule. The Otherkind will start again this Monday (and will continue posting on Mondays and Firday) and Creator Confidential will turn up on Wednesday. No Special Snowflake will be posting on Tuesdays normally, but to celebrate the opening of my site, the first strip is premiering TODAY.
So I thought about making a new deviation for this with my original line art. But then I thought that raised the odds of it getting stolen for use by someone else. And I'm not so big on that idea. So journal entry instead.

I got a new tattoo yesterday afternoon. Unlike my first tattoo, this one probably won't be showing up in Creator Confidential, since it's on my back rather than somewhere that's usually visible in the comic. Which kind of makes things easier for me.

Here's a picture of it, because I am oh-so-happy with it... And it's another way to identify me at conventions.

Yes, it hurt like hell

Many thanks to Kevin Roy from Glass Head Tattoo & Piercing Studio, who took my original line art up to eleven with his fantastic shading. Seriously, I could not be more happy with it.
Just a quick reminder to everyone: I will be at Ad Astra this weekend, doing the con thang. I will be premiering the second volume of CREATOR CONFIDENTIAL there. Of course, I will have all of the other books, prints and art cards as well. The convention is at Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites in Toronto, Ontario. Please stop by!

So I won't be at Ad Astra this weekend. Yeah, it comes as a shock to me too. *not happy*
Okay, just a brief update. Things are still going slowly on the webpage front. I ask everyone to be patient. I have not abandoned anything. Things have just been a little crazy lately. But I am still doing lots and lots of work on the comics.

This week, however, I've been focused on getting ready for my first convention of the year and start of convention season for Tower of Ash Comics. I will be at WIZARD WORLD TORONTO this weekend. I will be selling all of my comics. It is the official launch for the print version of the Otherkind #4. I will also have the rest of the Otherkind, Volume 1 of Creator Confidential, Bishounen Boys and Ensign Sue available, plus a variety of prints, art cards and bookmarks. Please stop by! I will be at table 740.

I have also added three new conventions to my Convention List O' Doom. I will be attending Ad Astra and Polaris 25, both of which are in Toronto, Ontario. I will also be attending Intervention '11 in Rockville, Maryland.

So I think that's just about it for now. I should get back to work. I have a bunch of things to do before this weekend.
Okay, update on my current situation....

I was totally freaking out yesterday and actually DID go through a Ten Minute Retirement. But I'm better now. Being all pro-active and stuff. My websites are back up with very temporary placeholder pages, basically just with a link to this Deviant Art profile and my Twitter. I have also gotten a wonderful, wonderful friend of mine to put my pages back together. Still working out all the details, but things are already starting to look brighter.

Now, all of that being said-- and I seriously HATE doing this, considering I just got back from a hiatus, but I need to take another one. I've already been on break for Creator Confidential, but now I need to do the same with The Otherkind. Both comics are primarily posted to my website, with Deviant Art just being a cross-posting. As long as my sites are down, I don't want to post any of that here.

That's not to say I'm going to be completely disappearing until my sites are back up. I will keep posting art cards and various other things. But the series themselves are on hold for now. But I will keep working my butt off on them and once the sites are back up, things will be resuming. I'm also hoping to launch a new series when that happens and possibly the return of some old favourites.

I know a hiatus totally sucks-- especially in the middle of a comic-- but I think it will be worth it in the end. I will be back better than ever. Please be patient with me.
My websites are down thanks to a vicious hacker.

Just another straw on a very fragile back. I'm not even going to say it's the last one, because I know there will be more.
"Creator Confidential" is on hiatus until further notice.

I just don't think my life is very funny right now.